No Exercise Weight Loss or Cool Sculpting Options. You choose what works for you!

There are 2 Non-Invasive schools of thought if you are serious about losing weight. Nitrifit 40 is rapid weight loss without having to exercise. Our weight loss program is the safest, fastest and most effective. Our programs are done in conjunction with a Zyto Scan. So we can assist in monitoring personal overall Wellness. Science is key to rapid weight loss and continuing to keep it off. Most people focus on the wrong things to keep weight off. Science doesn’t lie!

You don’t have time to waste on fad diets or plans with completely unrealistic demands. In just the past few years, there have been breakthroughs in fat loss that can only be described as remarkable. Today it is absolutely possible to lose weight… all without exercise, drugs or old fashioned dieting. This was created by Doctors and refined many times. We have actual staff members on site that have lost 25 lbs in 40 days, and kept it off. So this is not the newest fad or great idea. This the a results based program with dozens of real success stories. Please just got to the link of the creators for further proof of results.

We know what you’re thinking… you come in, talk for a bit and then end up listening to a sales pitch for fat burning pills, right? Not even close. Our medically trained staff will determine a fully customized plan and will do repeat follow ups to be sure you are successful. The Zyto scan is a big part of this! It allows us to determine deficiencies in your body! Then we have solutions in place to take care of the deficiencies. Once we combine all of the necessary tools for you then weight loss and keeping it off is much much easier!

2nd Option is Freeze Away Your Fat With Cool Sculpting

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FDA-Cleared & Non-Surgical

CoolSculpting, a FDA-Cleared, non-surgical fat reduction treatment, uses controlled cooling to eliminate unwanted fat.

Proven Results

Ready for lasting results you can see? Millions of Coolsculpting treatments have been performed worldwide.

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Making the decision to permanently remove unwanted fat is a big deal. Our soul purpose at Sempra Sculpt is to offer our clients an exceptional experience, real results in body transformation and the best CoolSculpting technology.

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