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Why Custom Weight Loss Plans are Consistently More Successful

With the exception of a very fortunate few, most adults at some point in their life will make a valiant attempt to lose weight.  For some it may be as simple as wanting to fit into a bridesmaid’s dress or look good at the beach, while others decide to lose weight to build self-esteem or, in the most extreme cases, save their life.  Whatever your specific reason may be, the process of how you go about getting there is arguably the most important decision you will make.

Many of those reading this have likely tried any number of well-known weight loss plans; crash dieting, fat burners and dietary supplements, cardiovascular exercise and the list goes on.  But when it comes to achieving results that exceed your expectations, the cookie-cutter approach has a tendency to backfire more times than not.

Let’s explore a few of the main reasons to let a experienced weight loss doctor customize a fat loss program based exclusively around you.

Ongoing Advances in Non-invasive Weight Loss

A concerning number of people hear weight loss physician, and immediately conjure up images of surgery, stomach staples and prescription medications.  The truth is, some of the industry’s most significant and effective advancements have happened in just the past decade. If you visited a weight loss doctor in the semi-distant past with unsatisfactory results, it’s definitely worth looking into now.  Patients are realistically losing up to 30 pounds in 4 to 6 weeks weeks without drugs, gyms or going under the knife.

No Major Lifestyle Changes

One of the most notable benefits of having a personalized weight loss plan prepared, is how uniquely structured it is around your schedule, activity level, physical stature, target goals and other vital attributes.  Because of this, a custom weight loss program will require absolutely no sweeping changes to your familiar routine.  You simply go about your life as usual, knowing all the while that stored fat is being rapidly metabolized behind the scenes, so to speak.

Provides Additional Health Benefits

Of course, you’re going to look incredible after losing a substantial amount of body fat… but that’s not where the biological benefits stop.  As your body mass index (BMI) is gradually restored to much healthier numbers, major organs, joints and muscle systems that were once forced to work overtime, will now be able to work more efficiently in doing what they’re intended to do.  This can result in everything from better blood sugar levels, less pain, improved sleep, a more positive mindset and more.  Consider them a bonus for a job well done getting fit!

Custom Weight Loss Programs in the Twin Cities and Cape Cod!

If you’re in the the Cape Cod area and curious about how a custom weight loss plan might benefit you, we invite you to learn more about us and our innovative weight loss services. Call us and take that first crucial step towards a more healthy and slender.

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